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Sunday, 21. July 2024

Individually adaptable, exact Analysis in 2D and 3D

palOPTI 1 stage analysis
  • Import, edit and save container types, package data, outer packages and other preferences imported from any data file location, e.g. server.
  • Incorporate base height, wall thickness, over- and underhang with respect to the container type.
  • Choose between various options regarding compound stacking, loading with gaps, displaying dimensions, and orientation of packages.
  • Display coordinates in 2D view.
  • Calculate weight of container type and packaging unit.
  • Measuring units: metric or imperial.
  • Sensitivity analysis (for 1 stage) calculates impact of variations (+/- 10mm ) of package size on package numbers as well as the degree of capacity utilization of the predetermined container type.
  • Information about utilized capacities, net / gross (without gaps / with gaps)
  • Transfer calculated data from 2-stage to 1-stage optimization.
  • Individually created layers can be copied to the top and be mirrored.

Quick Orientation due to easy-to-use functions and detailed user guide

  • Simple and clear handling in a single program window, extensive help kit: installation manual, online help system, and beginners tutorial.
  • Graphic display of calculation results – clear and immediately!
  • Display help for package face colors to easily identify orientation of turned cases.
  • Automatic backup of the packing configuration of the last calculation.

Best possible overview of solutions

  • Continuous visualization of several optimized packaging solutions in a scroll window.
  • ndication of storage space, used space, and volume in ml.
  • Visualization of hidden layers.
  • Individual rearrangement of package layers, display usage of packaging unit.

Highly adaptable outputs yield various capabilities for your company

  • Variable design options for packing instructions and its elements regarding position, size, contents, and format (e.g. b/w, colored, type, font)
  • Output on a printer or to different file formats, PDF (via PDF printer driver), BMP, JPG, etc.
  • Output of results in ten different languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian, Romanian, Czech.

2 stage analysis: Further analysis and optimization potentials

palOPTI 2 stage analysis
  • Optimal adjustment of primary packaging unit and outer packaging.
  • Variable arrangement of primary packaging units.
  • Optimization of best outer packaging for a given packaging unit and arrangement.
  • The selection of outer packaging is simplified by a sortable table and a graphical display.
  • Consideration of material thickness.
  • Selection of best outer packaging out of a predetermined number of storage boxes.
  • Accurate number requirements for packages and layers.
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