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Saturday, 15. June 2024

palOPTI 4.x

In addition to many innovations and extensions of our storage optimization software palOPTI, we present our latest version 4.04 with the new module "Extended Layout"

The new module "Extended Layout" allows you to make the output of the data created by palOPTI even more individual.

By integrating an RTF (Rich Text Format) document and the possibility to add about 150 different variables, you have a wide range of options for an individual edition tailored to your company.

At the same time, with the "Extended Layout" module, the tables for container types, packages and outer cartons were extended by 7 new individual fields for additional information.

This new module is an upgrade and is therefore also subject to a charge for existing customers. This new module is not included in a regular update (e.g., due to an existing maintenance contract).

palOPTI 4.x - what's new?

-    Tables of container types, packages and outer cartons:

  • Display of counts
  • Search box for "Name"
  • Storage of the dialog regarding size and position
  • Storage of column widths
  • Sorting solutions within a table is now possible for all columns
  • Printout of the results of the outer carton window (table)
  • Save the outer box dialog without closing

-    New fields in table "packages":

  • new field "Internal dimensions of the individual package" can be found in the main window, in the package dialog and in the output
  • new field "Product" can be found in the package dialog and in the output

-    Sensitivity analysis:

  • New parameter "Step size" is adjustable in the basic mask
  • Progress display with complex calculation

-    Options:

  • Automatic layer reduction when weight is exceeded
  • Warning if lengths and weights are exceeded, e.g. girth

-    In the module “load securing”:

  • Strapping always runs under the pallet
  • Strapping is now also displayed at an angle if required

-     In the module “manual arrangement”:

  • Move, delete and insert is also possible for entire layers-    
  • The increment for moving can be set in the main graphic.

-    New module "Extended Layout":

  • Individual creation of RTF outputs, use of approx. 150 variables
  • 7 new individual fields each for container types, packages and outer cartons

-    Output:

  • The context menu now includes Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo
  • Graphics (bmp, jpg, ico) can now be loaded into a text field via drag & drop, the text field adapts to the image size
  • Images in a text box retain their aspect ratio when zooming in/out
  • Graphics can now be changed independently
  • Frame now also switchable for graphic windows
  • Logo: fixed aspect ratio is permanently adjustable (settings/output)

-    Installation:

  • Release for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022
  • Automatic client update when updating the server
  • Customer-specific client updates, controllable from the server
  • Licensing with server name (alternative to IP address)

-    General:

  • Drag & drop for pcf files
  • The main graphic can now be enlarged / reduced and moved by mouse click, mouse wheel, scroll bar, or arrow keys
  • Improved error messages

palOPTI customers within the warranty, or with an existing maintenance contract, receive this update free of charge.

palOPTI customers outside the warranty or without a maintenance contract can purchase this update at low cost.
For further details, please contact our service team.
For those interested in palOPTI, our latest palOPTI demo version is available free of charge.

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