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Sunday, 21. July 2024

New in Pallet Optimizing palOPTI Version 3.x

palOPTI® Customers within the warranty, or with an existing maintenance contract receive this update free of charge.

palOPTI® Customers out of warranty or without a maintenance contract can purchase this update cost-effectively.

For further details, please contact our service team or request the current palOPTI® functionalities list.

For those interested in palOPTI®, our latest palOPTI® demo version is available free of charge.

Pallet Cage

New Container Type "Pallet Cage"

Container Type "Pallet Cage"

This new container type helps you to store your product in a pallet cage.

Two new views

Two new views : Side view to length and width. These two new graphics can also be found in the output.



side view length
side view width

Faster selection of each 2nd layer

Zweite Lage bei Verbundstapelung
Zweite Lage Modul Ladungssicherung

Faster selection of each 2nd layer (even or odd)

  • for composite stacking.
  • Insertion of different intermediate layers in the module "Load securing"
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