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Wednesday, 29. May 2024

New in pallet optimization palOPTI® version 2.1

New detailed exploded view of the packaging assembly

exploded view

With palOPTI® 2.1, complex packaging arrangements can be displayed in an exploded view so see all details. The packaging instruction will then show each individual layer and all intermediate layers, boards, etc. from the optional module “Cargo Securing”.

Packaging instructions with up to six pages

output configuration

The packaging instruction can be set up individually to feature up to 6 pages. Newly added details like the view of the primary package and the secondary package as well as the exploded view can now be shown for easy understanding.

Pre-select the options to be shown in the packaging instruction

results configuration

The information calculated by palOPTI® may be too much to be shown to the customer. Within the options menu you can pre-select which of the options are shown at the packaging instruction and which are not.

Placement of Labels

placement of labels

You may place up to 4 labels on each face of a primary package, packaging unit, and container type (crate, carton or pallet). Labels can be freely adjusted in size, color and individual position. The packaging instruction will display each label on the individual package as well as on a detailed chart. Labels can be configured and saved, therefore to be used for further projects.

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