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Monday, 27. September 2021

Module "Cargo Securing"

  • Make sure to have the best possible safety for your goods in transit! Our storage and pallet optimization software palOPTI® lets you add edge protection, strapping, pallets, intermediate layers or boards into your packing order, for a higher grade of safety.
  • In a dialog window you pick a safeguard you want to use and choose the dimensions: width of the strappings, strength of the board, thickness of the intermediate layer etc

Module “Manual Arrangement” for 1 stage analysis

  • In palOPTI® you can generate individual packing patterns. With the use of manual arrangement you can supplement packages in every orientation you like, paste single packages or a tower, shift, rotate or delete them. Now you provide packing patterns exactly according to the wishes of your client!
  • In this way it is possible to fill gaps in the arrangement with packages of other orientations to fill the loading space in the container or on the pallet with the highest possible number of packages.

Network licence

  • A network license provides the possibility to use palOPTI® in your whole company network. Once the program is installed on the server you can run it from every client in your network.
  • New installations or updates of palOPTI® are carried out on the server and every user always works with the same up-to-date software version.
  • In addition you benefit from a shared data pool and you have access to all the optimized packing patterns from every connected Client.

Module "International"

  • Do not only use different output languages in palOPTI®, but let your international employees work with the program in their own language.
  • The following languages are included in the module: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Romanian, and Czech.
  • Of course palOPTI® offers the possibility to control the output language independently of the used program language.
  • For our non-German speaking costumers the module "International" is included in palOPTI® at no Charge.
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